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If pictures are worth a thousand words, your best bet is to keep scrolling.


i am so cute and bitter

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I just had a grown man tell me to “go make me a sandwich” as I was doing his pourover

I told him I didn’t understand what he meant because we’re a coffee shop, and he was like “oh it’s a joke” and I said I “didn’t get it” and he went “it’s funny because you’re a woman working in a kitchen”

And I just stared at him until he got how stupid he sounded

let them feel their ignorance burn into their souls

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almost hoodie season??? no.. more like almost cool enough out that i can wear hoodies to class which means I DONT HAVE TO WEAR A BRA

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Yo fuck babies and their smug little faces. You very loud poop machine, have some respect.



Yeah!cant you see im trying to drink my beer in peace!?

Honestly, I could have sworn that baby was being circumcised right on the subway.

it was 20 minutes of hell

Nothing is worse than a baby screaming for its life in a rolling coffin 40 feet underground.

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Every goat needs a skateboard

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Today’s Gender of the Day is: dancing emoji


Today’s Gender of the Day is: dancing emoji

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Oh yeah!!

I went to in’n’out on my way home from my buddy’s house last night and this tight bodied lil mamacita sits down right next to me. While im goin to work my burger, i can see that shes looking at me and my skateboard. Shes starts to ask me questions about how long ive been skating and she tells me how her son has a skate coach and all this stuff. We ended up talking for about an hour and a half, like we were old friends just catching up. She was absolutely gorgeous to me.
She went on to tell me that shes into women and how she left her ex a couple years back because hes a homophobe. “Youre eating the food that you hate” is what she said to him. I thought that was really funny.
After all the small talk, she gave me her number, hugged, and went our separate ways. She texted me about an hour later thanking me for sitting and talking with her. She had had a really stressful day and got into it with her ex husband about some shit and decided to go on a walk and thats when she ran into me. I could feel how sincere and grateful she was, even through text. I was really touched that i could be there for a total stranger.

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